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I don't think that is true. I think that, at the moment, she doesn't need a male counterpart. She needs /someone/, male or otherwise, to keep her from exploding, and Kalecgos was convenient.

the whole book was disappointing, the relationship was forced, and I’m just not a big fan of how they hyped up jaina being a badass bitch only to pretty much shrug and say, jk, she just got a new boyfriend and /almost/ drowned durotar 


tbh, the ‘kalecgos’ was convenient excuse just seems like of half-assed to me, I’ve read the excerpts of their interaction, and it’s completely forced and halfassed. I’m just not a fan of it- was it too difficult for them to have a personal self conflict with herself over her actions, and for her to be able to keep /herself/ from exploding? It was just all disappointing to me.

Wait, so, what's wrong with her?

she was a badass strong female

and then metzen was /metzen/. And christie golden disappointed me.

Sure she’s still a badass strong female 

but like all other badass strong females in WoW, she’s been shoved into the corner and stamped with the belief that she’s useless unless she has a male counterpart. 

What do you think of Jaina Proudmoore anyways?



okay the ogre is losing srs cool points with me with how much he’s whining 

he keeps saying he’s been here on ED for awhile 

and blah blah watha’s being mean

and he says his goblins blastwrench and steamwarrior were in Sunsworn??????

and says the GM convinced him to lock himself in a psych ward for awhile

i really have no idea whats going on anymore

he keeps saying it was the gm of sunsworn who did this and who was lying about their gender????

says it was isenvul?????

wow im lost and the ‘WOW THIS BITCH IS A CRAZY DRAMA STARTRER” alarms are going off

I have returned from an extended stay, a bit of a break Go’el and I took after saving Azeroth from the Destroyer. 

What is this I hear, of that Jaina woman getting together with….A dragon? The aspect of magic?

Ancestors grant me strength….this world is so strange.

<3 what are u and thrall gonna name ur new baby...

Draka, definitely. 



Sort off. Not really. I’ve been schooling, and got preoccupied with /another/ ask blog in the Mass effect fandom.

But I’m still here. Still waiting for some questions.))

wat. but cats are fluffy balls of love.

Do I look like someone who would like “fluffy balls of love”?

How does Thrall deal with your hormonal pregnant-woman moments? Does he just freak out?

Go’el has learned by now to be wary. He seems to have caught on to the fact that my moods are as volatile as water itself, sometimes. Which isn’t easy, you know. You try going from being out-of control angry to depressed in the space of five minutes!

But…Go’el, like I said, has learned to be wary. The elements have granted him wisdom and…patience in seeing me through this state.